Getting ICQ and Installing it!
To begin with please take some time to read this tutorial......
Downloading files from the Internet

It is an excellent tutorial on downloading. Once you have read and understand about downloading, and where to put the downloaded file, it is time to move on. Click here to learn how to get ICQ
In the upper left corner you will see "get ICQ for free" click on that.
scroll down....way down to where it says For Our New Users
Right below that it says select a product to download
Then below that it says ICQ for Windows 95/98/NT4
Click on that and then when it goes to the next page....print that
page.....then go to the bottom...where it says

Download ICQ 2001b 5.18 Build #3659 for Windows

Click on that and then it takes you to the download will see on the far right side where it says DOWNLOAD on that.

A small screen will pop up saying 'viewing location'. You will see the progress of the download as it the end it will ask you where you want to save it to.....this is when you must navigate to where you previously made a folder for your downloads.....remember where you put it and how to get to it because you will have to install it by finding it and double clicking on the file.

Step by step installation instructions here

The link above gives you step by step instructions for installing and getting started with ICQ.

Read this tutorial on Understanding the File Structure of your Computer for a better understanding organizing your files and creating directories and folders within the directories.

Enjoy!! You are going to Love ICQ!!

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