Boxer Base Update Instructions

These instructions can be used for any breed database for Canine Specialty Software.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of finding and zipping your Boxer.mdb file and sending it as an email attachment to the Canine Specialty Software author, Mary Spinelli at

You will need:

  • A program that zips your file. I use Winzip   You can Download Winzip Here   wzico2.gif - 904 Bytes
  • To know how to use the program, Check out this Tutorial on Using Winzip.
  • To know how to find the Boxer.mdb file
  • To know how to zip the Boxer.mdb file
  • To know how to attach the file to an email

    Now don't let this list scare you. It is really quite easy to do even if you are fairly new to computers. Just follow this step by step tutorial. Once you have downloaded Winzip, and followed the installation instructions. You will be ready to start. The tutorial mentioned above on Using Winzip also explains the downloading and installation process.

    Now, let's assume that you now have Winzip and are ready to zip your Boxer.mdb file.

    Go to start and right click on it.
    This screen will appear.   diagram1.jpg - 10583 Bytes  Click on Explore.

    You will now see this screen
    diagram2.gif - 16146 Bytes

    Now, if you click on your [C:] drive you will highlight it just as mine is highlighted in the diagram shown below

    diagram3.gif - 23796 Bytes

    My C:\ drive has been named....Bellcrest. Yours may have a name or or it may not. It will show as [C:] so you will know you are in the right place. When you highlight C: it shows all the files (directories) contained on the C: drive on the right side of the screen. These files are called directories, or folders.

    diagram4.gif - 29163 Bytes In this example you will see that when you click on the + plus sign it changes to a - minus sign and shows all the directories or folders on the C drive. When in windows explorer, always be aware of where you are. Watch the 'address' area. This area is outlined in green in this example.

    We are now ready to navigate to the CSS directory and find the boxer.mdb file.

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