Understanding the File Structure of Your Computer -

Find and Send a file via email attachment using Outlook Express

This time we will send a photo to a friend by email. You can send any kind of file you like, I just thought a photo would be a fun thing to send.

Again, this tutorial is written with the understanding that you know how to receive and send email using Outlook Express.

diagram19.gif - 22429 Bytes Open your Outlook Express and start a new email. Address it and put the subject in. Type your message in the body of the email. Now click on the paperclip (with blue square around it and a blue arrow). The insert attachment box will open. It may or may not open in the same location as mine. What you will do now is click on the arrow within the green circle (with the green arrow pointing to it). You will get a drop down menu similar to the one shown here. You will now click on the [C:] drive. This will allow you to see all the directories that are on the [C:] drive (your hard drive).

Navigate to the directory that contains the photo you wish to attach to your email.

diagram20.gif - 19321 Bytes Here is an example of what my file structure looks like. I am going to go to the Photos directory and to a folder within that Photos directory to find the file I want to send to my friend.

You may need to move to the right to see all the folders within your directory, as I did in my Photos directory. There are two ways to do this. You can click on the slide bar that I have encircled in red and pointed at with a blue arrow. When you click on it, you will hold down your left mouse button and slide the slider to the right.

Another way to move to the right is to click on the small arrow on the right which I have drawn a purple circle around and pointed to with a green arrow. You will click on the small black arrow and hold down your mouse until you get to where you want to be. Highlight the Photos directory, and double click on it to open it.

Notice the open file folder next to the directory name Photos in the diagram below

In this diagram you will see that I am now in the Photos directory and am about to open the puppies folder where I will find the photo I want to attach to my email. Take note of the 'look in' box (I have put a red square around it). Always watch this box so you will know where you are. Highlight, and double click on the puppies folder to open it. diagram21.gif - 10509 Bytes

diagram22.gif - 10736 Bytes Notice that the puppies folder is now open. You will now navigate to the file that you want to send by email. Highlight it and then click on attach.

Your email is now ready to send! Back

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