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Find and Send a file via ICQ

You have downloaded and installed ICQ and learned how to send messages back and forth to friends on your contact list. You have probably at this point learned how to chat with your friends on ICQ. Now that you are comfortable with ICQ it is time to learn something new.

Would you like to learn how to find a file on your hard drive and send it using ICQ? It can be most any kind of file, a joke, a poem, or perhaps a picture of yourself or your dog.

Let's say, for instance, that you want to send a poem to a friend. These are the steps you would follow to do that.

Once you have decided which friend you want to send your poem to, click on their name. It does not matter if they are online or not because ICQ will wait and send the file as soon as they come online. It is more fun to send files back and forth with ICQ if both you and the person you are sending it to are online.

I have my ICQ set up so that I right click on a name on my contact list. Some people have theirs set up to left click on the name. Which ever way you normally do it is the way you do it to send a file. Highlight the name by clicking on it.

diagram23.gif - 10083 Bytes

In this image, I have chosen to send a file to a friend that is online. As you know, if you are familiar with ICQ, those people on your contact list whose names are blue are the ones that are online at the present time. Those names that appear red are not online now, but as they come online they will move up to the top and the names will turn blue.

Click on the name of the person you are sending the file to. Next, Click on file and then the open box will pop up. It will pop up to wherever you have last looked for a file.

Always watch where you are. check the 'look in' square (outlined in red) often to see your location. Being aware of this will save you untold miseries. Not paying attention to this will get you into difficulties.

Now click on the small black arrow that is circled in green with the green arrow pointing to it.

diagram24.gif - 13738 Bytes

diagram25.gif - 10950 Bytes You will get a drop down menu. Click on the [C:] drive.

You will now be at the C:\ drive. The directories on your C:\ drive will now be visible. You can now navigate to the Directory that contains the file which you wish to send. Double click on it to open.

diagram26.gif - 9264 Bytes I am now in the My Documents directory where I will now navigate to the folder that I keep poems in. If you use WordPerfect, the directory you will most likely be looking in will be My Files.

I can not emphasize enough that you should pay attention to where you are by always reading what is in the 'look in' square! I have outlined in red with a green arrow pointing to it.

You will now choose the folder and then the file that you wish to send. In my case, I have a poems folder which is highlighted in this diagram. I double clicked on to open it. You may also open it by hightlighting it and then clicking on open. Once the folder is open, I highlighted the poem I wish to send.

If you are confused at this point, I suggest that you read the File Structure of your Computer Tutorial.

diagram27.gif - 12899 Bytes

diagram28.gif - 12150 Bytes In my diagram I am now in the poems folder and have highlighted the poem I want to send. I will now either double click on it, or I will click on open.

When you have opened the folder that contains the file you wish to send, highlight it. In the 'enter file description area' you can type in a short message as I have done. When you are ready, click on send. Another screen will pop up and let you know that the person the file was sent to is receiving it. Once they have fully received the file, another screen pops up. You will now click ok on that screen.

diagram29.gif - 20869 Bytes

That is all there is to it!

If you have any questions or can think of a way that I can make this tutorial a little more clear, please contact me.

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