Netscape Instructions

Create an Automatic Email Signature

You may want to take a moment to refresh your memory on The File Structure of Your Computer.

When you are ready, this tutorial will walk you through setting up an automatic signature file in Netscape Mail.

There are steps that you must take before you can do this. First you have to create a file that contains your signature before you can set this up in Netscape.

Go to Start – lower left corner of your screen. Click on Start, then go up to Programs, then up to accessories, then down to Notepad. Click on Notepad to open it.

Now once Notepad is open, you will see the cursor sitting in the top left corner of the notepad page. You are now going to hit ‘enter’ 5 times to move the cursor down the page to the place where you will begin typing your signature. The reason for this is so you will have space to type your email. Your signature will automatically move down to give you the space to do this. If you were to just type you signature, without leaving the spaces, you would always have to make space on each email you type. This way, you are all set to send an email right away, and you signature will be at the bottom.

Now type your signature…….like this. Example follows:

John Doe
JohnDoe Kennels

(If you have any other email addresses you may want to include them too.)

Once you have your signature done the way you want it to appear on the bottom of each of your emails, go to file at the top left corner of the notepad screen. Click on file, then go to ‘save as’

 Now comes the tricky part. When you click on the ‘save as’ a pop up screen appears. It will look something like this….

The above is a screen capture from my computer. Yours may not look exactly like this because when you click on save as, your computer remembers where you stored the last file that you saved and navigates to that location. I have drawn a green eclipse around the area that you should navigate to in order to save your signature so you will be able to tell Netscape where to look for it. To navigate to ‘My Documents’ directory (if you are using WordPerfect the directory you will want is 'My Files')……you must click on the small black arrow that I have drawn a very pink circle around. You must find the directory that says ‘My Documents’.

Once you are in ‘My Documents’ folder. (Screen looks like the one above)

In the rectangle that I have drawn beside where it says ‘file name’ you must type……signaturetxt and then hit save.

Now you are ready to go to Netscape and set up the automatic signature.

In Netscape…..once in your mail program, go to Edit at the top of the screen, then down to preferences.


You will see a directory…..Under ‘Mail & Newsgroups’ click on ‘identity’

What you have to do now is make your screen match what I have where I have drawn a green eclipse. How you get there is by clicking on the word choose. You will see that I have outlined it in bright pink!

Now. Click on choose and navigate to the My Documents folder. Once you get there you must click on the file name. Highlight the signaturetxt file.

When that is done… on OK and you are DONE!! You will now have an automatic signature.

I am a MS Word user, so therefore my screen shots will reflect that. If you are a WordPerfect user, most everything is quite similar. Just the names have been changed to protect the innocent! :-) (My Documents = My Files)

If you can think of a way that I can make this tutorial more easily understood, please contact me.

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