Downloading and Installing a Screen Saver File

I suggest you take a few minutes to refresh your memory on how to download a file. How to navigate to where you want to save your file so you will be able to move it to the proper place when you are ready to do so.

Refresh your memory by reading the Tutorial on Understanding the File Structure of your Computer.
You could also check out this tutorial on Downloading from the Internet here.

This is much the same as receiving a file via email attachment. When an email arrives with a file attached, you must either open it, or save it to disk. Saving it to disk means that you must tell it where you want to save it. This can be to a floppy disk in your A:\ drive, or to your hard disk, which is your C:\ drive. You must navigate to the folder that you have previously set up to save things to.

For this Tutorial I am going to have you either download the screensaver file, or contact me and I will email it to you as an attachment. I will then help you to receive it and put it in the proper place. The file we are using is pawprints.src. You may download the zipped file Pawprints Screensaver file is here

If you download this file, you will need to know how to unzip it and will need a program that will do so. The program that I use is Winzip.

There is a turotial here that will teach you how to use Winzip.

Once you have downloaded the screensaver file and placed it where you will remember its location, You will have to unzip it and place in your windows/system folder.

Navigate to C:/windows/system and place the file pawprints.src there.

Once the file is there, to make it operational, you must go to your desktop, and right click in any open area there.
ss2.jpg - 7227 Bytes A menu will pop up, go to properties at the bottom of the menu and click on it, a box will pop up.
ss1.jpg - 25295 Bytes

On the top of that box it will say Display Properties. There will be tabs across the top, click on the screen saver tab. There you will see a rectangle that I have drawn in bright pink around the file name of the screen saver. You will need to click on the arrow at the right (I have drawn a green circle around it) a drop down menu will appear when you click on the arrow. Scroll down till you find the pawprint file and then highlight it.

Notice the other settings that I have on that screen. I have my screen saver set to come on after 10 minutes. If you click on preview you will then see what the pawprints screensaver looks like.


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