My Online Classes

Online classes are a wonderful learning experience. So many choices!! I had a difficult time deciding which classes to take. There are so many things I want to learn, I will be busy for a very long time as I plan to take at least two courses per session.

The following are the courses I have taken to date and those that I am signed up to take. Check back to see progress.

- Highly Recommended

I wish I had more time available as there are just so many courses that I want to take Online!

Fireworks MX II

Completed Courses
Fireworks MX - Intro
Dreamweaver MX Intro
Designing Logos
Design Principles
Cascading Sheet Styles
PowerPoint Level ll
Dreamweaver 4 Level ll
PhotoImpact 7 - Level ll
PhotoImpact 7 - Introduction
CSS Using Top Style - Eclectic Academy
PowerPoint - Introduction
Lessons were emailed to instructor


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