LVS Online Class

PhotoImpact 7 Intermediate Class: Fun With Photo Editing
Instructor - Stephanie Baker-Thomas

This class will explore more advanced techniques than were covered in the Beginner's class. In this first lesson, we'll perform some photo editing magic that will help you to explore PI7's powerful color correction, retouch and clone tools. We'll be working with some images that will be provided as part of the class, and at other times you'll be asked to "wing it" a little and apply a technique taught in the class to your own images. So in addition to learning with the provided images, you'll have the opportunity to let your own creativity shine when you're doing your homework.

Highly recommended.
Reasonable cost, excellent instructors.
Many courses available.

I have discovered that the more LVS Online classes I take, the more I want to take. I have taken two courses this session. There are so many that I want to take but have limited myself to 2 this session. I know Stephanie can be a hard task master and her classes are an excellent learning experience so didn't want to over extend myself by taking more than 2 classes.



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