Interactive Puzzle

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This original photo of a Cherry Tree came from the PhotoImpact User Gallery.
Pamela Morrisson

thumbcherrytree.jpg - 32887 Bytes

I manipulated it a bit by duplicating it, flipping it and then changing the transparency and adding a gaussian/motion blur. I then framed it and followed a tutorial by Leigh to make it into an Interactive Puzzle. Rather than slice it manually the way it is done in the tutorial, I did it the lazy way with the slicer in PhotoImpact 6. Worked great! Unfortunately this puzzle works only in Internet Explorer Version 4 or better. Sorry Netscape users.

Cherry Tree Puzzle #1

This one is pretty easy. Try it!!
Just click on the square you want to move then click where you want it to go.

View the Source to get the code to create your own Interactive Puzzles.

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